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Distilled White Vinegar. 4. Litres. 5% Acidity

Distilled White Vinegar. 4. Litres. 5% Acidity

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     Welcome to My Good Health's On Line Variety Store.


  Home of Bob Olly’s Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Related Products.

Distributors of a Variety of Fruit Vinegars Inc. Apple Cider Vinegars’

We also have many other categories for you to peruse and products for the individual, home and office for purchase.

 I endeavour to offer my customers quality eco-friendly products that assist in maintaining a healthy life style and my ambition is to also stock a variety of household and commercial gadgets, Eco-Friendly chemicals and be the best in quality value and service.            

We have many categories for you to peruse and products for the individual, home and office for purchase and in some cases for hire. Our ambition is to stock a variety of household and commercial gadgets and be the best in supplying oxygen related products such as ozone generators, hydrogen peroxides etc, in quality value and service.

Ozone Products and Generators.

I have recently attended a seminar regarding the uses of ozone (03) and it's many health benefits it brings to us in deodorising, oxidising, sterilising and disinfecting capabilities of air water and property. We have listened to the scientists and the manufacturers of ozone generators and are introducing a range of quality machines with varying amounts of ozone production that are required for both domestic and commercial applications. Ozone, activated oxygen (03) is a natural gas killing bacteria and viruses etc, naturally ‘burns-up' odours, disinfects the offending area then reverts back to oxygen, leaving no harmful chemicals.

 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)

Our Food Grade.H202 is produced in NZ and certified for use in the food industry, also very useful in oxygenating our bodies, in our gardens to encourage plant health and is an excellent and safe insecticide and fertilizer. Controls algae growth in aquariums, swimming pools, garden pools etc. Sanitises pets living areas, general households, kitchens, bathrooms and is, a natural eco- friendly bleaching agent which breaks down to only oxygen and water. Very cost effective compared with high priced commercial products where hydrogen peroxide is a component.

Oxygen, Nature's gift to us all.

Check out our ozone generator category.

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