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Ozone Generator. MGH Odour Eater 3g/6g

Ozone Generator. MGH Odour Eater 3g/6g

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Welcome Customers and Potential customers.

We are only an on line store but try to give the service that you would expect of a bricks and mortar shop. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Cheers Bob.


Hydrogen Peroxide. 

Hi Bob
Many thanks for your email and your prompt service as well as the interesting attachments.   I will keep a track on the package.
As a long time subscriber of the Health Science Institute in America, I recently obtained an ebook of the One-Minute-Cure and
since then I have been searching for suppliers in New Zealand.   Thankfully they supplied me with a listing of New Zealand
suppliers hence how I got hold of your contact.
I'm really thrilled about the many uses of HP 35% FG and am so grateful to the people who braved themselves to allow this
information out despite negative releases from the big Pharmac.
Once again many thanks for your assistance.    Kind regards.

Frances  Moore


Hello Bob,
Wonderful product and thank you for the amazing info , have passed on you details and particularly as a health aid , (my wife is now beating stage 4 liver , breast , colon) cancer with out orthodox toxins , with B17 (apricot cournals) and sugar free diet , I am doing the H2O2 and feel so much better 
Lyall Quaife


Hi Bob,   It really is great stuff.  Women often comment on my skin and how young I look, and are very interested in purchasing it for themselves when I tell them that it's due to always dabbing my face and neck  with 3% peroxide after washing my face and neck with soap and water.  Also many  are interested in acquiring some when I mention that I never suffer with ulcers because when I feel one coming on I gargle for ten seconds and that puts paid to the problem.   Thanks again,   Jackie


Hi Bob, Many thanks for all the info. It seems very ironic that I have to purchase H2O2 all the way from the South Island when it is made in a factory only 15 mins. drive from our house! But it is great that there are a few people in this world who are prepared to help people like me who do not like the "conventional" therapies available. I have seen peoples lives destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I have got the one minute cure e-book, which I purchased in 2009, and which led me to your web site in November of that year. At that time, PBT Couriers did not want to deliver it and it took 7 days to get it from the Wellington depot to Hamilton. So I am hoping that their service has improved now. I took the H2O2 for suspected (I refused a biopsy) testicular cancer. The lump disappeared within three months. I then allowed myself to be talked out of keeping on with a maintenance dose and went back onto a poor quality diet. Then, about 6 months ago, I was rushed into A&E and had to have a catheter inserted because I was unable to urinate and there was blood in my urine. The doctor was not happy when I refused to let him leave the catheter in until I could have further tests. I did not tell him that I still had some H2O2 left and preferred to put my trust in that rather than him. The bleeding stopped within 12 hours and I am functioning normally again; and I am staying on a maintenance dose for the foreseeable future. I just hope that my little story will keep you encouraged to carry on doing your bit to help other like minded people. Warmest regards, Keith.

Thanks so much. My mother used to work with anti-cancer specialists in Germany 20 years ago and we always took this first signs of any colds etc and we never got sick and it killed infections very quickly.
Leila Redmond



Sodium Percarbonate.

The best stain remover I have ever had, you wouldnt even no there had been a stain......... Thank You So Much For A(¯`*•F::A::B::U::L::O::U::S • • T::R::A::D::E•*´¯) I Would Definately Recommend To All, =) Thanks Again,AAAA++++  Rochell.


Ozone Generators.

We where just talking about you and your machine, we’ve had great results, amazing.

The House and the two vehicles all smell like brand new

I’ll package it back up tomorrow morning.

Thanks so much Bob, I flick you through an email when its already to go.

Many thanks



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